Are you carrying your kids too often?Could you learn to say 'no' (based on a firm 'yes&#

Are you giving til you fear you might give out…..Have the holidays sapped your strength? To give your children a firm ‘No’ – assertive and without agression or threat…. You need to be able to say ‘yes’ to yourself ‘yes, I am worthy of working within limits’, ‘yes I am loved even when I keep boundaries’. If you are clear about what you want to offer your children (not what you desire to DO but who you want to BE to your children) then some things take priority and others less so – and that’s where the ‘no’ comes in. So if you value time to sit and chat, then you might have to say ‘no’ to keeping a perfect kitchen. If it is important to you to commit to conversation, you might need to say ‘

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