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Getting Started


Should I make an appointment for myself or my child?


Katy usually leaves it to a parent to decide whether they would prefer to come in first or have her see their child first…..


It is helpful for Katy to gather background from the family, and she believes it puts parent’s mind’s at ease if they get the chance to view the place, hear what she does and how she works.  It also provides an opportunity to share their perspectives on their child or the issue. If you feel you can give Katy an hour, it is useful, but not essential. Often the child just comes along and Katy meets the caregiver and child together.


If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Katy, please read the "Info Sheet" download and then print and fill out the "Intake Form" download below, and scan and email it to Katy at


What do I tell my child ahead of the appointment?


Often it is enough to show the child some pictures from the website to encourage them to see that visiting ‘Family SOS’ will be a pleasurable and safe experience. 


Other times it may be useful to talk about Katy as a teacher who helps with issues children experience at home or in school, with family or friends.  


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