The Place

Talking space where children can...


  • Become more precise about the nature of problems

  • Take responsibility for fixing rather than complaining, blaming, hiding, ignoring or disguising them

  • Release feelings that have built up or get in the way of progress

  • Create awareness of issues from past, present or future

  • Develop strategies to work out what to think/say/do to cope better

  • Construct language to do that with appropriate results, without excessive force and to be heard

  • Evaluate their successes and notice what works and why

  • Monitor progress in their social/emotional/school/home or friendship life

  • Attribute change to learning in behavior, feelings or results


Moving space where children can...


  • Use their body to explore and enjoy

  • Learn to interact with their environment, whist sustaining attention and engagement with others

  • Understand their desires and needs with both things and with people and how to use patience, courage and thoughtfulness in that process

  • Share activities, games and play with an ability to move between the needs of  ‘self’ and ‘others’ harmoniously

  • Use their body to explore and enjoy

  • Use caution or courage according to their unique sensori-motor abilities

  • Feel a sense of autonomy choosing, planning and moving in accordance with their own preferences

  • Explore risk and assess their own capabilities

  • Learn to interact with their environment whilst sustaining attention and engagement with others