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Katy Harris

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Katy is originally from the U.K, but has lived in Singapore for 30 years. Her own two adopted children have the ‘diffability’ of autism and ADHD and this was a great impetus for Katy's learning. It created a desire to support children in addressing problem behaviors at home, in school, or their social world using behavior modification programmes, social skill awareness training and emotional development tools.


Her teaching experience ranges from full qualifications in Montessori teaching to running preschool units to training adults in the industry. As an Early Years teacher with post-grad studies in Special Education she can share the perspectives of both teachers and parents. She has been involved in several parent support groups, and in her spare time is an active volunteer with both the Heritage Society and the Zoo. She is a huge tree-lover and lives looking out on to the Nature Reserve, feeling blessed every day.

  • M.Ed. Special Education - Flinders, Aust

  • B.A. (Hons) Counseling - GCU Scotland, UK

  • B. Ed (Hons) Early Years - Uni South Aust

  • IASTI Solution Focused Counselor,

  • Post Grad Dip Coaching Psychology - Uni of East London, UK

  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Uni West Scotland

  • Dip. Youth Counseling,Inst. of Counseling, UK

  • Advanced Certification in Family Therapy - Swinborne Uni, Aust

  • Grad. Dip in Expressive Therapies, Australia

  • Trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapist

  • Facilitator for Systemic Constellation Work

These paper expressions of learning are simply evidence of knowledge, but their application requires that she play detective to really gently investigate each child’s unique way of seeing the world.  Assessing the foundational abilities of their physical and communicative development, and exploring the ways in which that child manages their social and emotional world is a delicate combination of enquiry and observation.  Lying beneath each child’s behavior is a complex structure of internal beliefs arising from neurology, environment, temperament, experience and abilities, which all affect relationships with functional task, place and people.


Katy quickly gains trust with children, by providing a fun and stimulating way to access their core concerns and innate skill deficits, and build awareness, interest and commitment in moving towards better values. Goals are created but they are less important than the sense of visioning what that child wants to be and how they can find the steps towards its achievement.  The learning is less theoretical or conversational, and more practical and includes lots of creative processes. This helps the child realise their personal blocks to success, and develop strategies to reduce and overcome them.

"In some countries I would be considered a 'Behavior Consultant', in others, a 'Social Therapist'. Perhaps 'Relationship Coach' would describe my work- but it is liberating to be free from definitions and to operate simply as a person who guides... I am most happy without a job title."

- kids support emotional/social/behavioural

- counselor singapore

- children's counselor

- family therapy

- family counseling center

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