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What People Are Saying About Group

"He has clearly benefited from the challenges you bring him- and is so much more self aware and able to calm himself down than even just 6 months ago. His teachers are impressed too and even though he has a good learning support teacher at school, I'm sure most of it is down to you."

 - Parent, Sarah


"I love this group.  At school I don’t really have any friends but here I do."

 - Child, T****


"We have seen a huge progression in the way he handles his feelings and emotions, his physical expression and the way he socializes with other children.  The feedback of teachers is excellent and, most important, we really see him happy and more self confident."

 - Parent, Virginia


"I don’t know if I can put into words just what you and your group have meant to my family.  I feel more sure now that my child will thrive and grow."

 - Parent, Zoe


"I am SO sad this group is finishing because every week has been fun and now kids in school don’t say ‘go away’ any more."

 - Child, D****


"I was so used to feeling like the mum with the ‘difficult’ child and then joining group I felt so blessed to see him change…"

 - Parent, Sharon


"My son is now doing so well, with a much more positive outlook on life.  He looks forward to group and has told me more than once when he is trying to apply lessons from group to his interactions with friends….overall I am very satisfied with his progress so far."

 - Parent, Melissa


"As you are aware, I have been quite amazed by the effect that group is having on X and really see the difference in how he handles himself with other kids."

 - Parent, Michelle


"As a family we are all benefitting from the accumulated effect of your work, which I am so very grateful for. Thanks again for all your help. It has been nice to see X gained self confidence and guidance from you. We all have."

 - Parent, Barb



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